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Our work has been segmented to focus on two levels of enterprises that constitute the majority of Black enterprises in our service area. These firms are business to consumer (B2C) and business to business/government (B2B/B2G).

Given that the needs of businesses in these two categories are different, we will offer the following:

B2C Enterprises – These are primarily retail and small service orientated businesses. The resources that we will offer include:

  • Entrepreneurial Education ( growth focused)
  • Business Coaching
  • Specialized training using both workshops and webinars/teleconferences in key areas (pricing, HR, merchant services, cash management, social media, marketing, technology, business management, etc.)
  • Develop Industry Clusters (retail, direct sales)


B2B Enterprises – These are firms that market their product and/or services to the private and pubic sectors. The services that we will offer include:

  • Specialized Training (sales success, Federal/state contracting success, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurial education (growth focused)
  • Mentor/Protégée Program
  • Develop Industry Clusters (construction, technology)
  • Business Development Resources (i.e. supplier diversity networking events, Business Opportunity Breakfasts, etc.)